Consulting Services

Leverage our extensive expertise and knowledge to find the right solution for your technical needs.

What is the right solution for you? That's the key question that we ask each and every client. 


At LogicShark Consulting, we strive to find that solution that meets your technology and business goals - not just for today, but well into your future. That's why we provide industry-leading products and services that can adapt to what matters to you. Combined with our knowledge and experience, we will work extensively with you to find the right answer to that question.

Consulting Services involves the extensive processes of design, testing, implementation, and support. Before we start any project, our first step is always to ensure we understand all client technology, business, and functional requirements. Then we work together with you to develop a design based on our technology expertise and proven industry solutions. This is the most important component of the consulting process, since it ties into every part of the implementation.

A successful implementation is based on the design and testing phases of a project. We utilize our extensive industry knowledge and deep skillsets to provide the ideal solutions for our clients.

​Regardless of the size of the project, LogicShark Consulting approaches each and every project with the same methodology and commitment. We value our customers and customer relationships. We only provide solutions that 100% meet your needs now and into the future.

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Our Solutions

Consulting Services

  • Enterprise server installation/configuration
  • Network domain design
  • ​Groupware and enterprise application integration
  • ​Network infrastructure design/implementation
  • Security assessments and audits
  • Virtualization solutions
  • E-mail solutions and migrations
  • Disaster recovery
  • Document management systems
  • ​Hardware/Software procurement

At LogicShark Consulting, we're all about providing innovative and bright ideas for every situation. Let us help you find that one idea that shines the brightest for your company.

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