IT as a Service

  • Leverage IT experts when and how you need them
  • Pay based on recurring monthly commitment or case-by-case basis
  • Pool of Expert Engineers skilled in all aspects of IT
  • Increase your total Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Save on payroll, human resource expenses, and insurance
  • Enhance your Helpdesk
  • Have the peace of mind that your IT is in good hands

IT_as_a Service  (ITaaS)

Utilize our expert engineers as your primary IT resource or as a supplement to your existing IT staff. Make IT more accessible for every company, by simplifying management and increasing return on investment.

Our Solutions

What is IT as a Service?  

Being unable to meet today’s IT challenges can result in losses to efficiency and productivity. LogicShark Consulting addresses this with our IT as  a Service (ITaaS) offering. Instead of having to deal with the challenges of hiring the right IT personnel for your project or system, you can leverage LogicShark’s expert engineers as your primary IT resource or to supplement your existing staff.  Our engineers have the experience and expertise for you to quickly hit the ground running. Whether it's planning your next network upgrade, assisting with standardizing your desktop build, or monitoring your entire system, ITaaS will lower your overall IT expenditures and increase return on investment.

Smaller companies can take full advantage of LogicShark’s ITaaS to constitute their entire IT staff to take care of all their technical needs. Instead of having to hire full-time IT personnel or leave technical decisions to non-technical staff, let our group of engineers fully support and administer your system. ITaaS allows smaller companies the flexibility to use our services on a recurring or case-by-case basis.  We will work closely with you to tailor this offering based on your specific technical and business goals.  Imagine having a team of IT experts working for you at a fraction of the costs of hiring in-house staff! 

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