Provides cloud and virtualization software and services. Used extensively to provide LogicShark Consulting cloud and managed IT solutions.


Provides extensive list of Internet services and products. LogicShark Consulting utilizes Google's cloud services for clients from schools to enterprises.


Software solutions for small companies up to enterprises, both on-premise and in their cloud. LogicShark Consulting is a Silver Midmarket Solution Partner.

Our Partners


Provider of application virtualization, desktop virtualization, and cloud computing technologies. Integral component in LogicShark Consulting's solution offerings.

Hewlett Packard

Provides hardware and service solutions from small to large companies. LogicShark Consulting partners with HP to deliver the latest hardware to our clients.

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Leading provider of Network Attached Storage appliances and solutions for small to large companies. LogicShark Consulting is a Gold Certified Partner.

Cisco Systems

Leading provider of networking equipment and services for range of client engagements. Offers products such as Meraki for wireless solutions.

At LogicShark Consulting, we value our relationships with industry-leading technology software and hardware vendors. We've been doing this long enough to know that fostering these relationships makes our jobs much easier. These partnerships provide us with an intricate understanding of their products as well as the ability to design and implement the right solutions for you.